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Bluestone Properties

Enterprise Lead Management/Property Management Application
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The Home Depot

A virtual project manager app to help users conceptualize, plan, and execute DIY gardening projects
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Texas Dept of Licensing & Regulation

First-of-its-kind enterprise application to allow online management of licensing in 40 different licensing fields.
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The Health Plan

Total redesign of a health insurance member app
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My Process

Here is how I use real-world data to guide meaningful product design.

Define the scope of work

Whether you are refining an existing application or creating a new application from scratch, first we properly define:

  • Who your users are
  • Their needs & motivations
  • How to best fulfill those needs through technology
  • How your product compares to industry-leading products


The aforementioned goals are achieved via the following:

  • User Interviews & Surveys
  • Heuristic Analysis
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Assessment of Analytics Data
  • UX Audit


The outcome of this discovery research is a series of deliverables that provide guidance alongside a detailed action plan to give you a best-in-class user experience that properly achieves user needs.

In this brief phase, I turn information from the discovery phase into a concrete roadmap for your application. This covers all aspects from UX architecture and navigation through contents of each page.


Detailed documentation that serves as a blueprint for the design.

In this phase, I translate planning documentation into wireframes of the entire application in an iterative process that ensures satisfaction of all requirements in a way that properly achieves business objectives. During this process, planning documentation (from the previous step) is finalized into detailed UX documentation that will be delivered to developers along with visual design files.


Wireframes of the entire application and thorough UX documentation.

In this phase, a brand guide is created and used to create high-fidelity mockups of the entire application.


Finalized mockups and a brand guide with specifications for Front End Developers regarding CSS and other code implementation.

In this phase, clickable prototypes are utilized to gain valuable feedback from real users to provide data about the effectiveness of the application as designed.


Validation of the design and identification of any potential areas for improvement. Any potential revisions are integrated into the design in a quick round of revisions to more optimally match user needs identified by user testing.

I can code everything I design. Some clients choose to include this optional phase, in which I generate fully coded prototypes in HTML/CSS/Javascript that can be handed off to the development team as basis for the actual application code. This efficiently implements styling and branding, allowing the development team to focus on the heavy lifting aspects of back-end integration.


Coded implementation of the front end of your application with static data.

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