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Let's face it - unless your website or application is easy to use and intuitive, who will use it? How many times have you seen a web application that was the equivalent of a Ferrari engine, in the body of a clunky economy car?

Your user interface is the only point of contact for your products.

If your interface is good, your users will become engaged, they will feel rewarded, and they will return. If your user interface is not good, users will go elsewhere for their needs.

Bart Landry Design delivers focused, highly effective solutions that maximize results, and minimize long-term costs, for clients. Extensive expertise with enterprise-level, dynamically generated, database-driven web applications ensures that not matter how complex your product, you will have a compelling, engaging user interface that delivers the most intuitive, easily usable customer experience possible.

True user-centered design practice involves a blend of psychology, information architecture, human-computer-interface factors, and web design standards. This rich mix combines to give your clients the most easily usable & intuitive customer experience. Huge amounts of information are streamlined so as to not overwhelm users. User attention is guided to maximize conversion - they find what they need, and your business makes revenue.

Successful user experience design includes:

  • Psychological profiling of target demographics (also known as creation of user personas)
    Who are these users? What are their backgrounds? What are their general wants and needs? What specific needs are they trying to meet through the usage of this product? Is the typical user a "power user" or a relative novice, in terms of technical expertise?
  • Understanding of information architecture/information flow
    What is the most logical, intuitive way of presenting this information? How many clicks does it take a user to accomplish a given action? How complex is a given task, and should it be separated into separate areas of a page? Into separate pages? Should all relevant information be viewable immediately, or is some of the information conditional, and thus only useful to the end user if he/she has performed a specific action? How do we keep this user continuing along the conversation funnel?
  • Familiarity with web usage paradigms
    What items should immediately be viewable to the user upon page load, without scrolling or taking any other action? Where on a page do users tend to focus? What are the primary, secondary, and tertiary means of navigating the product?
  • In-depth knowledge of coding & implementation
    What assets and limitations are present based upon the technology used? What is the most efficient, scalable implementation to reduce current costs and streamline futures updates?
  • Intuitive use of color theory and general design concepts
    How do we make important items stand out while maintaining elegant design? What is the overall usage of color & space? How do we present a large amount of information without overwhelming the user?
clean, scalable code offered by Bart Landry Design Streamlined, fast-loading user interfaces support the exchange of information between your application's users, and its back-end processes and databases.

Bart Landry gives your product functional, easily-maintained user interface code with comments, clean formatting, and elegant data architecture. The latest technologies are used such as jQuery & other javascript libraries, JSON, CSS, Bootstrap, Wordpress, and Python to ensure that your application delivers a truly cutting-edge user experience.

Peace of mind and saving money are essential to any successful business, so a strong focus is placed on scalability for future needs. This ensures that your product, and your business, can grow as needed.
examples of a fully responsive interface offered by Bart Landry Design Responsive web design provides your product with the optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices including desktop computers, laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

Users are able to easy read and navigate your site with a minimum of resizing, panning, or scrolling. Information layout adjusts to the parameters of the user device, allowing your services to be available no matter what technology users choose. Ease of access from any device provides more usage of your product, a better customer experience, increased conversion, and greater revenue.
use of color and visual elements are strong parts of the design and branding services offered by Bart Landry Design A key component of business success is strong branding. Logos, product design, and business collateral should provide a consistent look and feel that reflects the values and personality of your company. This gives users familiarity and affinity with your company, because your branding is associated with the strength and usefulness of your products.

Branding and proper visual design have a subconscious effect on users - the shape, color, materials, finish, typography and composition all communicate who you are, why it matters to your clients, and how you can have a lasting relationship that is mutually beneficial. Business success is not just about sales. It is about customer retention, loyalty, and referrals.