Case Study: Texas DMV

Project Overview

The website of the Texas DMV recieves millions of unique page views per month, and is utilized by a wide variety of users including Motorists, Auto Dealers, Motor Carriers, Vehicle Manufacturers, etc.

All of the following were used to guide the redesign:

  • Google Analytics data - usage over the previous 18 months
  • Survey feedback from TxDMV.gov users (471 respondents)
  • Interviews with staff from all 17 divisions of the Texas DMV
  • UX Audit of TxDMV.gov
  • User personas
  • User Testing & Focus Groups with a variety of user types
  • Accessibility/compliance with Section 508 guidelines
  • Compliance with TxDMV branding guidelines
  • Compliance with Texas government mandates affecting site content
  • Review of comparable websites for other government agencies
  • Fully responsive for mobile and tablet breakpoints


User testing overwhelmingly revealed that users find the redesign much easier to use. Highlights:

  • User test metrics show that MANY common use cases of the site take less time and are more clear to users
  • TxDMV employees feel that the redesign will decrease strain on their customer support staff because it is now much easier for users to find what they need on the website, rather than having to call for support/assistance
  • Users subjectively indicated that they are more likely to use the website because they find the redesign much easier to use and "less intimidating"
  • TxDMV employees were notified of issues with site content that were previously unknown to them, allowing for updates to better serve the needs of all users



Web Design mockup - TxDMV Motorists landing page

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Web Design mockup - TxDMV Dealers landing page

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Motor Carriers

Web Design mockup - TxDMV Motor Carriers landing page

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Specialty License Plates

Web Design mockup - TxDMV Specialty License Plate search

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Contact Us

Web Design mockup - TxDMV Contact Us page

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Web Design mockup - TxDMV search for Forms

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Site Navigation

Web Design mockup - TxDMV site navigation

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