Travel Site Home Page (resort search)

  • Client: Touchdown
  • Category: Responsive Comparison - UX Design

This is the Home page of a prominent UK travel site. Resorts are the primary travel product of the site, but this page allows search for Cruises and Air travel as well.


  • Hero image presents featured Resort special offers/deals
  • Robust search functionality allows users to search for Resort, Cruise, or Air travel
  • This client's users tend to be compelled by imagery, and they like to browse for travel ideas. For these reasons, sections allow users to browse:
    • Featured Resort Deals
    • Featured Destinations
    • Specific types/categories of travel
  • Affiliated Travel Partner companies are listed as clickable links to the travel partner websites.
  • A prominent call to action at the bottom of the screen compels users to call the company with any questions.

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