Product Overview Page

UX Design - product overview page
  • Client: Qv21
  • Category: Desktop UX Design

The Product Overview page is the primary conversion point for potential clients, and needs special attention to compel conversion.


  • Prominent value statement appears at the very top of the page, immediately informing the user of the primary needs served by this product
  • Image slider features rich full-color images related this module, and the needs served. Descriptive text overlays give meaning to the images shown.
  • Strong call to action to "Schedule A Product Demo". On this page, the button links to the form toward the bottom of the page.
  • Clean, clear, brief bullet point list of this product's features
  • Short paragraphs giving more details about this product, with a link to "View more features & benefits".
  • "Schedule A Product Demo" form appears on the page. This page is a crucial conversion point, and it is good to have the form present on the page, so that no further action is required to begin filling out the form.
  • Related Resources are available, but are displayed only after the primary calls to action on the page.

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