Manage Cruise Itineraries (page flow)

  • Client: Perx
  • Category: Page Flow - Admin Interface (Desktop)

This page flow allows the user to view/edit/update/manage cruise itineraries available to book online.

Page states shown:

  1. The user has selected a cruise vendor and cruise ship, and is viewing the available itineraries for that ship. Because ships sometimes have a very large number of itineraries available for booking, the Current Itineraries list includes a filter that allows the user to only see itineraries including specific search terms. The user may also hide inactive itineraries.
  2. An itinerary has been selected for editing.
  3. Ports of call for the selected itinerary are being edited.
  4. A new itinerary is being added for the selected cruise ship.
  5. Confirmation that a new itinerary has been created for the selected cruise ship.

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