Manage Accounting Journals (page flow)

  • Client: Perx
  • Category: Page Flow - Admin Interface (Desktop)

This page flow allows the user to view/edit/update/manage account journal entries.

Page states shown:

  1. The user has entered a reservation ID, and is viewing all account journal entries related to the travel booking.
  2. Journal entries (listed at the bottom of the page) have been filtered to only show entries associated with a specific res item number.
  3. A new journal entry is being created directly from this screen, rather than via other screens related to the reservation that automatically created the appropriate type(s) of journal entry.
  4. The user has clicked the "update" link for a specific journal entry, and is being prompted to choose the type of update.
  5. UPDATE - details of a journal entry are being edited
  6. UPDATE - the journal entry is being reversed
  7. UPDATE - the journal entry is being deleted
  8. The user has clicked the icon for a specific journal entry to view its audit log. This tracks all changes made to the journal entry, including date/time/user/any other journal entries that affected this one.
  9. Another view of the audit log. In this case, the journal entry selected was a reversal of a previous journal entry. This allows for easy tracking of changes.
  10. View deleted journal entries. Though these do not appear in the main journal anymore, they are tracked in a separate database table for historical usage/verification.

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