Company Website Home Page

UX Design - company website home page
  • Client: Qv21
  • Category: Desktop UX Design

The "Home" page is a primary point of entry for many current and potential clients. It is a vital for this page to quickly capture the attention of any user browsing the website.


  • Company tagline is prominently featured in the header, giving context for the company's services
  • Prominent value statement appears at the very top of the page
  • Image slider features rich full-color images related to client industries & the company's group of products. Descriptive text overlays give meaning to the images shown.
  • Prominent, brief bullet point statements quickly convey the benefits of using this company's products, and compel users to want to know more.
  • Widgets give quick answers to 3 key questions a potential customer has:
    1. What are this company's product offerings?
    2. Does this company serve my industry? Is it useful to me?
    3. Why should I use this company's products, rather than some other solution?
  • Customer Testimonials - reading the satisfied words of previous clients creates confidence in the value of the company's offerings
  • Strong call to action to "Schedule A Product Demo"

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