Cruise Search

  • Client: Dargal
  • Category: Responsive Comparison - UX Design

This page allows travelers to search & browse for cruises, and to view special offers. A large percentage of this client's users are flexible about where & when they will travel, and they want to be able to browse available cruises. For this reason, the page features a lot of browse/discovery functionality.


  • Robust search functionality is immediately available at the top of the page for users who are sure where and/or when they wish to travel.
  • Featured searches are prominently displayed next to the general cruise search.
  • Top Cruise Deals are presented in an area that accommodates many cruise sailings via a scrolling carousel, with imagery to compel users.
  • Featured deals are presented in 2 tables that concisely list a number of available sailings. These can be customized to a specific location, a specific location, seasonal deals, etc.
  • Users who have not conducted a search, or clicked on featured deals, are presented with an interactive map that allows search for cruise sailings by destination/region. This offers another method for generation of travel ideas, and pulls users into the conversion funnel.
  • Users with loyalty to one or more specific cruise lines are allowed to browse cruise deals from each cruise vendor.
  • A prominent call to action at the bottom of the screen compels users to call the company with any questions.

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