Cruise Search Results

  • Client: Dargal
  • Category: Responsive Comparison - UX Design

This page lists the results of a search the user has conducted for cruises, and compels the user to view cruise details.


  • Search refinement displays all search parameters that were previously selected, and allows for easy changes.
  • Result listings can be sorted by a number of criteria that have been requested by users.
  • Each cruise listing displays a large amount of vital information about the cruise sailing in a concise/easily readable format that includes:
    • Cruise duration & base price
    • Cruise vendor, ship name, and itinerary
    • Detailed pricing by cabin type
    • Compare functionality: users may select up to 5 sailings for side-by-side comparison (only 3 may be compared on tablet due to space considerations)
    • Multiple calls to action to view further details about the cruise sailing
  • A prominent call to action at the bottom of the screen compels users to contact the company.

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