Book Air Travel (page flow)

  • Client: Touchdown
  • Category: Page Flow - UX Design (desktop)

This screen lists the results of a search the user has conducted for air travel, and allows the user to select departing and return flights.


  • Search refinement displays all search parameters that were previously selected, and allows for easy changes.
  • On initial page load, the user is prompted to select a departing flight. Key details about each flight are listed, including price, departure & arrival times, and airline.
  • The user is allowed to view rates for departure dates close to the one selected in the search. This allows a user to easily determine if there is a similar date with a lower fare available.
  • Once the user has selected a departing flight, he/she is prompted to selected a return flight with the same options as those shown for the departing flight.
  • Once both flights have been selected, the user is allowed to review details of the air travel before booking & payment.
  • A prominent call to action at the bottom of the screen compels users to contact the company for bookings.

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