• Cutting edge jquery css User Interface Development screenshot by Bart Landry.

Query builder/editor, coded from scratch, with extensive jquery implementation. The item selected in the 1st dropdown enables the 2nd dropdown and populates it with options dependent upon the selection in the 1st dropdown. From there, the option selected in the 2nd dropdown determines whether the user gets 1 or 2 text inputs, 1 or 2 datepickers, an extensive multiselect of countries with ability to check/uncheck each item (or all items), etc. Form validation is applied to specific fields. Users can add or remove rows as needed, up to a total of 10 possible rows. The final selections are written to a json object.

This example includes a link at the top of the page which pre-populates the form, allowing editing of queries pulled from a database.

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Project Overview

  • Client: Loan Science
  • Category: User Interface Development

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